February 4, 2020 admin

What’s New in 2020 Winter Two

Memory Improvements

Optimized how memory is used within the warehouse management web services. The effect of this improvement will most definitely be felt by end users as an increased operational speed.

Stock Take Enhancements

Using the scanners one can access additional functionality – besides counting by location now users have the possibility of also counting by item. This is for cases in which the same item is stored in multiple locations in the warehouse. Can count all locations at the same time and send them through in one go. That’s “counting by item” in a nutshell.

Besides the above, the scanner also allows one to see the stock levels in SAP and work using them as a checklist. Before counting anything, there’s a new button that goes bright blue “Show me”. If pressed, the data is pre-loaded in the grid underneath. This way, only the mismatching quantity can be easily and manually corrected and sent through together with the rest of the levels.

Timestamps for scans

This new version has the ability of timestamping each scan. What this means is that when a barcode is scanned, it is timestamped on the scanner (using the server’s date and time) and then, when the transaction is ready to be submitted, this extra bit of information is sent through for recording purposes. This is active in only one location at the moment: Issue for Production. But the functionality can be easily added to any other module if required. Let us know if this is something you are interested in and it will be made available in the next iteration.

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