December 27, 2019 admin

What’s New in 2020 Winter One

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR! We have some improvements available for the scanners at the beginning of 2020, all packed up in 2020 Winter One Update.

Scan Alerts

The scanners will now play alert sounds in case something that was scanned is invalid after a check. For example: if one scans to move an item that doesn’t have enough quantity in the source location then the scanner will beep/alert you. Or, if one scans the same batch number twice, then the scanner will alert and ask if that’s what was intended. It’s all to avoid mistakes, really and to allow users to work without necessarily looking at the screen until an alert is played.

Dynamic Default Quantities

During receiving stock via Goods Receipt PO or issuing stock via Issue for Production, we now have the ability of recommending a specific value to be received/issued with each scan. In other words, the system can be configured to automatically suggest a different default quantity (1 unit) when a product is scanned for receiving or issuing to production. If this is something you would like for the business, more details can be provided regarding this functionality. Just reach out.

Management Console User Interface Refresh

For a while now we had the same look and feel for the WMS settings application. We refreshed everything within it making it easier to understand and simpler to switch options on or off.

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