November 2, 2019 admin

What’s New in 2019 Autumn Two

This is a stabilization version of Autumn One where we enhance the overall stability and speed of the system. Worth mentioning in this version are:

Extended Analytics over 30 days

Introduced in the previous version, the Analytics Module ran in a mixed mode, the first half of the report was looking at the past 14 days and the second part over the entire closing month. With this update, the graphics and the reports all look over a 30 day closing period.

Faster Connectivity Detection

In cases where the scanners were out of server range, the devices would automatically notify the user “Lost server connection”. The detection of connectivity being re-established was a bit slow, meaning one could wait up to 45 seconds for the scanners to re-check the connectivity. This is no longer the case, with this version server connection detection is close to instant.

Faster Printing

There are three ways of printing documents and labels available in the WMS. Two of them rely on pdf generation in the background and submission to the printer. For these two, the printing speed has been increased by 60%.

Preparing for the Future

Starting with this version we will also include updates regarding the Android version of the WMS – capable of running on phones, tablets, scanners that have this operating system. The new client application currently under research and development will come as an additional option of interacting with the system (besides the already existing applications that run on Windows Mobile 6.x and Windows CE 5.x). Below is a short clip of what we’re up to.

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