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Stock Take

Hello and welcome to this tutorial about Stock Take. This module, Stock Take, is not part of standard SAP Business One functionality but it integrates with it. What this means is that Stock Take is a staging area for the stock count coming from the warehouse, before it is posted as a Stock Counting Document and then later as a Stock Posting. But, before we go ahead and explain the screen’s functions, let’s begin with a bit of context.

The Stock Take Screen in SAP Business One

What would typically happen in this process is that the warehouse user would take the scanning device, log in and select Stock Take to record all the physical stock from a specific location (warehouse / bin). The counted stock is then sent to the server where it will be available in SAP Business One for review (in the Stock Take Form) and, if variances are acceptable, progressed to a Stock Counting and Stock Posting. If there are no variances however, one could decide not to move it to a Stock Posting as it would have no relevance for SAP Business One. In this case, the data can remain recorded as a Stock Take only (up to the warehouse manager to decide). Once a Stock Take is accepted, just mark it as “Done” – further details of what this means and what happens internally, in the following sections.

Stock Take Process Overview


The whole process starts with the handheld and the warehouse user that is checking the physical stock in the warehouse. To do so, from the menu, the user selects Stock Take from the first page of the menu.

This opens the Stock Take screen on the scanning device where the location can be entered and the stock can be counted.

At the top, there are two fields: “from warehouse” and “from bin”. The user would scan/type the warehouse barcode in the first field, then the prompt automatically moves to:

  • “from bin” – if the warehouse is managed by bins
  • line level – Item – if the warehouse is not managed by bins in SAP (the “from bin” is in this case automatically hidden after scanning/entering the warehouse code

Once something is scanned on the line level, the system automatically compares the counted quantities with the SAP stock levels and displays a variance in case one is detected.

Stock Take Handheld Screens

When the “Submit” button is pressed, the data is sent to SAP Business One and is available in the Stock Take Screen.

Please note that zero quantities can also be sent from the handheld when the user knows an item was supposed to be in the location and is no longer found.

SAP Business One

The location of Stock Take in the SAP menu is: Inventory – Stock Transactions – Stock Counting – Stock Take.

Stock Take Location in the SAP Menu

This new entry is added by the XRAY Add-on for SAP Business One, part of the system and used for displaying the stock counting from the warehouse. Once clicked, the form opens and has the following functionality.

Stock Take Form Explained

The variance calculation in the bottom grid is determined based on SAP Live Stocks until the stock take is marked as “Done” – when a copy of the live SAP Stock is recorded against the stock take in question. This snapshot mechanism allows the users to see what were the stock levels in SAP at the moment of stock take approval (the moment the stock take was marked as “Done”).

Worth mentioning:

  • Double-clicking on item code – in the bottom grid opens the Item Master Data form in SAP for the double-clicked item.
  • Show all data – will list everything SAP thinks should be in the location against the data sent from the warehouse. If you’d like to see only the warehouse stock take, click on the button again
  • Edit Quantities – allows the user to adjust the quantities sent from the warehouse before copying them to a Stock Counting. Making the “Counted Quantity” column read-only again is done by clicking the same button again
  • Comments – an additional box opens to record text against the stock take. The comments button automatically changes to “Comments (*)” if there is something saved against it, or remains “Comments” when there is none. This allows the user to know from a quick look if there is any comment or not without having to click on the button and check.

Hope this function available both on the scanning device and SAP makes Stock Take an easy and simple process for the business.

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